Mississauga Walmart Shopper Sues for $500,000 After Being Injured by Unsafe Shopping Cart


Published January 6, 2017 at 5:37 am


One Walmart shopper recently learned that if there’s one thing that can’t be trusted, it’s a renegade shopping cart.

On a fateful day in February 2013, a woman who was shopping at the Square One Walmart tripped and fell while chasing a runaway shopping cart in a parking garage, the National Post reports. She is now seeking half a million dollars in damages.

According to the Post, Sandra Cartini asked her young son to hold onto the cart while she opened the trunk. Her son let go of the cart and Cartini went to chase it, tripping on “uneven pavement” in the process. Cartini has alleged that pavement prompted her fall and that she hit her head on the cart and sustained permanent and serious injuries.

The Post reports that she’s seeking $250,000 in general damages and $250,000 in special damages. Walmart Canada Corp., property manager OPGI Management GP Inc. and Square One Property Corp. are listed as defendants.

Initially, Cartini’s first lawyer argued that the parking garage itself was poorly designed and therefore unsafe, but her new lawyer is claiming that it was, in fact, the shopping cart that was the culprit (and this is after engineers ruled that the parking structure is competently designed and generally up to snuff).

According to The Post, an Ontario Superior Court judge is allowing Cartini to amend her claim, “agreeing that shopping carts without brakes ‘are an obvious hazard to get loose.’”

Cartini has until the end of the month to submit her amended claim.

So, what do you think, Mississauga? Is this a frivolous lawsuit, or should shopping carts come equipped with brakes–especially when they might enter parking lots or garages with slopes?


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