Mississauga takes number 5 spot on an interesting list


Mississauga is known for a lot of things: Its water and riverside parks, Square One, the Absolute (or Marilyn Monroe) towers and Hazel McCallion (to name a few).

But did you know it’s one of the top places in the country to fish?

Believe it or not (and if you fish, you probably believe it) Mississauga has been named one of FishingBooker's Top 7 Fishing Locations in Canada for 2020.

Mississauga made the list for the second year in a row.

In fact, it comes in at number 5, beating out Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories and Miramichi River in New Brunswick. 

"It’s hard to believe that a single country can offer so much to an angler. With secluded mountain lakes, rolling streams and blue ocean expanses, fishing in Canada is an anglers’ real-life theme park. And as with any theme park, your biggest qualm is which ride to pick," FishingBooker said in a news release.

Angler in Lake Ontario

Why did Mississauga make the list?

"For those who don’t want to sacrifice creature comforts for a good bite, few places can top what Mississauga has to offer," FishingBooker says. 

"As Toronto’s next-door neighbour, the town lies right on the shores of Lake Ontario. This means Mississauga has access to pretty much every freshwater game fish you can think of. With all this in mind, Mississauga more then deserves a repeat nomination."

Here’s a full list of places that made the list:

  • Ucluelet, British Columbia

  • Bras d’Or Lake, Nova Scotia

  • North Lake, Prince Edward Island

  • Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Mississauga, Ontario

  • Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories

  • Miramichi River, New Brunswick

FishingBooker says Mississauga is known for its coho and chinook salmon, steelhead, brown, and lake trout. The best time to fish? Any time from May to October. 

Fishers need a resident or non-resident Ontario fishing license.

FishingBooker says chinook and coho are regular catches during their spring and fall migrations. It also says that largemouth bass and walleye flock the area between June and November. 

"And to top things off, browns, lakes, and steelheads combine for the ultimate trout fishing trifecta. Look for these guys from May through October," the site says. 

Another bonus? If you're a Canadian resident, you should know that there are four days when you can fish for free in Ontario in 2020. These are Family Fishing Weekend (February 15-17, 2020), Mother's Day Weekend (May 9-10, 2020), and Father's Day Weekend (June 20-21, 2020).

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Photo courtesy of FishingBooker

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