Mississauga’s Mayoral Election Rundown


Mississauga's upcoming municipal election, which will take place on October 27, is the biggest in decades. As you know (or should know), Hazel is not running for re-election. The legendary Mayor has decided to relinquish her long-held throne at the astounding age of 93 and 15 candidates are vying for the city's top spot.

While our humble city's election won't garner as many headlines as we (and the candidates) might like, it will be the start of a new era in municipal politics. Namely, the newest mayor will be subject to more scrutiny, doubt and cynicism by virtue of being new and replacing an icon.

That said, both well-known and rookie candidates are gunning for the top spot and some are gunning harder than others. Like any big election, there's been the requisite mud-slinging, trash-talking and voracious campaigning that one should expect and even enjoy. So, here's a look at what you should know:

For those of you did not click the above links (and you should), the Cole's Notes version:

Of all the fringe candidates, former comedian and comic book writer Kevin "Jackal" Johnston is the most feisty, serving Steve Mahoney, Bonnie Crombie and debate organizer NAIOP (Commercial Real Estate Development Association) with a $5 million lawsuit for allegedly blocking him from an upcoming debate over scandalous thong photos.

The major debates have been both raucous and thoughtful, with candidates weighing in on the future of the proposed Hurontario LRT, gridlock, development, culture and economics. At times, these debates have deviated into arguments (which are normal and expected) about flip-flopping, campaign contributions, experience and support.

At the first debate on arts and culture at the Living Arts Centre at the beginning of the month, Mahoney and Crombie argued over whether or not she had any city council support. Later on, the Mississauga News revealed that most city councilors were neutral or undecided, not almost unanimously supportive of Mahoney's candidacy.  

That said, Mahoney has racked up the most endorsements, with public sector unions CUPE Local 966, OPSEU Local 277 and ATU Local 1572 pledging their support to the former city councillor and Liberal MP and MPP. Five city councillors, including outgoing councillors Katie Mahoney and Pat Mullin and current councillors Pat Saito, Ron Starr and Sue McFadden, have also endorsed his run.

Insauga has interviewed all the candidates that agreed to come on our show. To get a better look at their platforms, check out our #misspoli section.

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