Mississauga’s Boroughs at a Glance: Streetsville


Most GTA’ers think of Mississauga as nothing more than a mass of suburban land. Though some of it is filled with a variety of stylish homes ranging from the luxurious mansions of Mississauga Road, to the architectural wonders of the Marilyn Monroe towers on Absolute Ave., Mississauga is filled with so much more.

It's no wonder, however, that a city filled with over 700,000 people, making it Canada's sixth most populous city, would have so much to offer. To really understand all that there is, we must look at each individual area, as each has it's own style and theme. There is, as mentioned, the original village of Streetsville, which takes pride in its historical roots. There is the nautical world of Port Credit, and of course the city centre, which is found surrounding the vicinity of Square One Shopping Mall.

Over the next few weeks insauga will take you on a journey of Mississauga's boroughs to show what makes each one unique in its own right. In turn, we hope that locals, new residents and visitors will learn new things about the area around them or at least bring them on a nostalgic tour of this ever-growing city.                                                                                                                              


Walking down the street it feels as though I'm on a movie set. The low-rise buildings give the illusion of a world that is surreal and of no metropolis I have seen before. Yet, as I keep moving the smells of cupcakes and fresh pita bread fill my nose. The freshly brewed coffees, and live music jolt me from this daze and I realize that I'm not in a world far, far away, but in Streetsville.

Yes, I said Streetsville, or as locals of the Mississauga borough call it "the village in the city". Its picturesque location, on the banks of the Credit River, reflects a long history that in part documents the proud heritage and growth of the country we live in. 

Although the former village is surrounded by modern suburban development, it seeks to maintain a small-town charm by retaining a variety of historical buildings and streetscapes. In fact, several roads in the area revert to their original names as they pass through Streetsville. These include Mississauga Road and Bristol Road, which become Queen Street and Main Street respectively, and are also the hub of what is considered the Streetsville district. This homage to tradition, however, doesn't make this area full of stuffy old people, places or things. It merely maintains all that was good about the past.

Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlour is long standing favourite in Streetsville especially on warm summer days and nights. And Streetsville wouldn’t be Streetsville without it. A great local spot to grab a cone and people watch or take a stroll through the ville.

When roaming the streets of the ville now, one can expect to find shops like Skintricate, a tattoo and body modification parlor that offers amazing artistic creations by Mississauga native Hollywood and his crew, in a sterile top of the line studio.

A personal favorite stop is the infamous Culture Rising, which offers patrons everything they need in smoking paraphernalia including books and music. This local hangout has recently opened a new location in Port Credit due to its popularity.

Just across the way is Cuchulainn's, "Streetsville's ONLY authentic Irish Pub". There, patrons can expect good beer and food, including breakfast for those early morning or all night drinkers. Also every Tuesday locals can get up and share their music and souls in an open mic night. Live music and green beer, now that's my kind of place. What really makes this pub standout from the rest in the area though is that is located in a historically designated building from 1832. As such Cuchulainn's portrays the essence of what is Streetsville.

Ink, music and beer and that's all within walking distance makes Streetsville a perfect place to spend your free days in sun. Couple that in with some cheap, but delicious eats, like Burrito Boyz and Pita Nutso, which often have lines that span the street, and you may have a new summer hangout spot.

If you can't spend your days in the area, then don't fret as Streetsville does offer a bevy of places to checkout at night. If you're looking to impress, than Alter Ego Martini Lounge is sure to sweep any date off their feet. This upscale venue offers exotic martinis, cocktails and mojitos along with delicious appetizers.

Saucy is a cozy restaurant which offers casual fine dining in an inviting atmosphere - another great place for a date night in Streetsville.

If you want something more low key there is always the historic Graydon Bar and Grill. Along side the distinctive selection of brews, they offer a contemporary wine rack and cocktail list.

Whatever your taste may be it seems Steetsville can cater to your needs. Even in keeping with tradition Streetsville has found a way to stay current and fresh. The atmosphere is light and friendly and the decor classic and charming. If you haven't been then it's time for a walk down in the village.Main photo courtesy of Ken Viloria

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