Mississauga’s 5 Favourite Food Trucks


Published October 24, 2015 at 5:20 pm


Ah, food trucks. Trendy and delicious, gourmet portable kitchens have etched themselves into the public’s culinary consciousness. A food truck is no longer seen as a convenience, but rather a unique dining experience unto itself.

Keeping up with the trend, Mississauga — and Celebration Square in particular — has made food trucks a seminal part of city-wide events.

With a few months of food trucks behind us (so long, summer) and a few fun truck-laden events ahead (Light Up The Square (Nov 21), New Year’s Eve), let’s look at some of the more popular (and Sauga-connected) trucks that you’ve loved and will love again.

5) Beavertails

Beavertails isn’t exclusive to Mississauga (the chain itself is originally from Ottawa), but the food truck trends to set up shop at most Celebration Square events and offers diners a plethora of comfort foods, namely fried dough pastries and poutines. Distinctly Canadian, the truck brings the ski hill vibe to the city and offers some truly decadent customization options. If you want your pastry covered in icing, candy or cookie bits, you got it. It’s quintessential winter comfort food.

4) Rome’n Chariot

Also a festival staple, Rome’n Chariot serves rich, traditional Italian fare. It also boasts a Mississauga connection, as owner Johnny Verdile’s wife and partner Theresa grew up in the city and attended Loyola Catholic Secondary School. As for food, you can try Nonna’s marinara, meatballs or breaded cutlet sandwiches (although the menu does rotate, so some classics might not be available all year round).

3) Frankie Fettucine

Frankie Fettucine Food Truck Co. offers diners fun Italian fusion dishes served out of their distinctly patriotic red, white and green truck. Some comforting, filling favourites include the ossobucco gnocchi poutine with braised veal, fried gnocchi, smoked Quebec cheese curds and natural jus, the eponymous fettucine, gluten-free primavera, stuffed meatballs, Italian potato hash and more. This company also boasts a pretty sweet website, so you can choose your menu item beforehand and admire the glossy, appetizing photos.

2) Untamed Chef

This food truck makes it rounds and can often be found at festivals (it was recently at Sauga’s SoundBites and AwesTRUCK festival at Celebration Square this past summer). Their tagline is “street food without borders” and their menu offers smoked cornflake fried chicken, the Royale with cheese and bacon (a Pulp Fiction reference?), sweet ‘tater’ tacos, avocado fries and more. If you’re in the mood for truly creative street food, this is a good truck to patronize. The company also caters.

1)    I Love Churros

If you’re into hearty desserts, you might be familiar with Pancho’s Bakery’s I Love Churros food truck. The vehicle itself is distinct, boasting an adorable churro man with endearingly cute googly eyes beckoning you to eat his tasty family and sample an empanada while you’re at it. The decadent pastries are hot, sweet and filling and tend to attract people who want something a little more unique to snack on. 


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