Mississauga restaurants welcome proof of vaccination but fear it will lead to more work, costs

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Published September 2, 2021 at 4:00 am

Some Mississauga restaurant owners welcome Ontario’s proof of vaccination program, while others fear it could lead to increased costs.

The program, announced today by Ontario Premier Doug Ford, will require most people to provide proof they have been double vaccinated before they can enter certain businesses, including indoor restaurants.

New guidelines will be enforced starting September 22, with the promise that an electronic version of a so-called vaccine passport will follow in October.

While many have said the plan was slow in coming, they are pleased to see guidelines being put into place but fear the program could lead to increased staffing costs.

“I will probably have to hire extra people to examine all these documents,” said Massimo Capra of Capra’s Kitchen in Clarkson.

Capra said the under guidelines he has been operating under for months, hostesses who greet customers already have their work cut out for them by having to take down health status information as well as dealing with seating and the dining options available to patrons.

Now, Capra says it appears he will have to hire someone to make sure the vaccine certificates are in order and deal with those who won’t be allowed in under the new rules.

“The plan doesn’t seem to be well thought out,” continued Capra, “and its coming much too late. The government has made it very difficult to run a business.”

Humberto Sanchez of Bar Catalina in Port Credit says his restaurant says the new protocols are what his restaurant has been following all along.

Sanchez said his approach has been strict but it has been working even though he has been getting pushback from some customers.

As such, Sanchez says making the rules official should help many restaurateurs.

“Anything the government does on this matter I’m happy with,” Sanchez explained. “Everyone will know what the rules are and that will help with enforcement.”

Rick Matharu of Rick’s Good Eats admits the government’s announcement has as many negatives aspects as positives but adds he will do what business owners always do…work hard and keeping moving forward.

“I’m glad the government is doing something it’s helpful, but this will add another layer of work,” said Matharu. “We will have to spend a lot of time checking to make sure everything is right. That takes time. But we’ll manage, we always do.”

While all the operators that insauga.com spoke with respect the right of people not to get vaccinated, they agreed that customers in turn must respect the rules that business owners are operating under and not expect to be let in without the proper credentials.

To those customers that remain unvaccinated but still want to dine, Capra has a solution.

“Just get vaccinated,” he said. “What’s the big deal?”






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