Mississauga Restaurants That Let you Bring Your Own Wine


Don't settle for just any wine -- celebrate with YOUR wine.

Not every restaurant will have your favourite drink or that special bottle. Mississauga does, however, have plenty of restaurants that allow diners to bring their favourite vino to enjoy with their meal.

These restaurants are licensed through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and they allow customers to bring select bottles at the price of a corkage fee. The practice is a common enough one in Quebec, but not everyone knows you can BYOW (bring your own wine) in your very own suburb.

Also, some people would prefer to bring their own drink and pay a corkage fee rather than pay three times the retail price for a bottle at a restaurant. If you want to avoid markup, bringing your own wine is a great solution.

It may also be a good option for people who have exquisite tastes and don't want to be limited to a restaurant's menu.

As for fees, corkage prices differ depending on the restaurant.

According to the list of restaurants on byow.com, Chelsea Restaurant has the cheapest corkage fee in the city at $9 (each corkage fee is per bottle). In contrast, one of the more expensive is Breakwater Restaurant at $25.

Byow.com allows diners to locate restaurants in Ontario that are BYOW licensed. Their licensed restaurants list is provided by AGCO and there are over a hundred different restaurants included. Be forewarned, however, that the site isn't entirely up-to-date as some restaurants may have changed hands or stopped honoring BYOW policies for other reasons. If in doubt, call ahead to check.

But whether you want to save money or bring your favourite bottle, bringing your own wine to one of these restaurants is always a good choice. Make sure to check with the restaurant that your bottle is under the list of drinks they allow. BYOW licensed restaurants usually only allow commercially licensed drinks from the LCBO.

Here is a list of licensed restaurants in Mississauga, in order of cheapest to most expensive.

Chelsea Restaurant
7 John St
Corkage Fee - $9

Ben Thanh Viet Thai
295 Enfield Place
Corkage Fee - $10

3970 Grand Park Drive
Corkage Fee - $10

R Corner Diner
2386 Haines Road
Corkage Fee - $10, Fri $15

Red Lobster
790 Burnhamthorpe Road W
Corkage Fee - $10.29

Desi Bar & Grill
1100 Burnhamthorpe Road W.
Corkage Fee - $15

Leod D’ouro
920-A Dundas St E
Corkage Fee - $15

Bistro Narra
3030 Thomas St
Corkage Fee - $15

Bliss Chinese Cuisine
6485 Mississauga Road N
Corkage Fee - $15

Kelsey’s Restaurant
1485 Aerwood Drive
Corkage Fee - $20

Mondello Ristorante
127 Queen St S
Corkage Fee - $20

Rib Eye Jack’s Ale House
6531 Mississauga Road N
Corkage Fee - $20

Shore Grill And Grotto
71 Lakeshore Road E
Corkage Fee - $20

Clarkson Bistro
1731 Lakeshore Road W
Corkage Fee - $20, $25 Fri & Sat, Free Thursday

Breakwater Restaurant
15 Stavebank Rd S
Corkage Fee - $25

Emerald Chinese
30 Eglinton Ave W
Corkage Fee - $25

Keg Steakhouse & Bar Heartland
670 Matheson Blvd W
Corkage Fee - $25

Keg Steakhouse Mississauga North
3130 Argentia Rd
Corkage Fee - $25

Piatto Bistro
231 Lakeshore Rd E
Corkage Fee - $25

Walker’s Fish Market
2575 Dundas St W
Corkage Fee - $25

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