Mississauga Restaurant Launches a Cartoon Dumplings Menu

Published August 9, 2016 at 3:51 am


Launching this Friday, Blue Lagoon Seafood will be serving two new dumplings during their lunch and dinner service. The dumplings are filled with thickened egg yolk and are made to look like cute cartoon characters.

To make dim-sum more appealing to the younger crowd, the chefs took inspiration from the famous Hong Kong restaurant, Yum Cha, and decided to create them in the shapes of cute cartoon characters. 

The dumplings are filled with thickened egg yolk, and its decals are made with coloured steamed bun. There are two choices on the menu, allowing guests to choose from Piggy – a piglet shaped dumpling, and The Green Eyed Monster – made to look like a friendly green coloured monster! 

Not only are the latest additions to Blue Lagoon Seafood’s menu tasty, but they are also interactive. When squeezed, the bun squirts out the egg yolk, adding a playful aspect to the dim sum experience. 

“We wanted to add a kid-friendly item to the menu,” said Closs Tong, a representative from Sweven Media. “We want to keep the kids entertained, and engaged with their food.” 

The dumplings are on limited offer seven days a week, with the kitchen making only 50 orders a day. 

The Piggy Dumpling is filled with egg-yolk that squirts out when the bun is squeezed.


Shaped like cute piglets, the dumplings are Blue Lagoon’s foray into making a kid-friendly menu item. 


Quantity is limited, as there are only 50 cartoon dumplings made a day. 


The Green Eyed Monster is made with coloured steamed bun, and filled with a thickened egg yolk.





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