Mississauga residents get the chance to spend half-a-billion bucks, virtually


Published September 20, 2021 at 12:16 pm

Mississauga from City Hall

Residents and business owners are being urged to play the role of budget chief and decide how the City of Mississauga spends its money in 2022. 

And they’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in the exercise. The City’s 2021 net operating budget was $554 million. 

The City’s Budget Allocator, an interactive online tool for next year’s budget, is now live. Residents and businesses can use it to explore and learn more about specific City services that are included in the budget while gaining insight into the overall number-crunching process, City officials say. 

Additionally, the online tool is used to gather public feedback regarding impact of the City’s spending choices. It’s a way, officials say, for people to voice their opinions on Mississauga’s financial plan for 2022. 

“Public engagement on tax-dollar spending is so important to us. For the past seven years, we’ve used the Budget Allocator tool to gather important feedback from the public on budget priorities and key considerations,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “With this tool, residents and business owners can get involved, have a voice and learn more about business planning and the budgeting process at the City. It also gives us a strong pulse on public priorities when we sit down as a Council to review the City’s overall budget.” 

The Budget Allocator lets residents test different spending options for a range of City services including transit, roads, winter maintenance, fire and emergency services, recreation and more by increasing, maintaining or decreasing the budget dollars spent for each service area while still balancing the budget. 

Results from the feedback exercise received by Oct. 15 will be shared at a Budget Committee meeting on Nov. 22, and help inform Council’s decision on the 2022 proposed Budget and Business Plan. 




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