Mississauga Residents Celebrating $1 Million Jackpot Win


A group of six GTA residents—including four from Mississauga—are celebrating after winning $1 million from the June 28 Ontario 49 draw.

OLG says the group matched all seven winning numbers on their Encore selection.

The winning group members include Mississauga residents Lidwin Ferrao, Aneeta D'Souza, Dalbir Batth and Rupinder Soomal, Markham woman Jennifer Bush and Toronto woman Sophie Jones.

"We have been playing as a group for nearly two years," the group of colleagues said while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. "We buy our tickets every week."

OLG says Bush checked the numbers online at olg.ca.

"I was at home on a day off. I called D'Souza and said, 'I'm shaking.'"

D'Souza didn't believe her.

"I was shocked so I called Ferrao to confirm our win."

Meanwhile, Bush messaged Batth on Facebook saying, 'PLEASE CHECK THE NUMBERS FOR OUR LOTTERY TICKET.'"

Everyone is making plans for their windfall.

"I want to invest a portion of my win, take a trip to Punta Cana and treat my family to some shopping," said Soomal.

Travel is also on Ferrao's mind.

"I already planned a vacation to Bombay. This win will help me cover those costs."

OLG says Jones is planning to pay down her mortgage and take a trip to Cuba, while Bush wants to take a cruise through Europe next year. D'Souza is interested in investing and Batth will travel to England to visit with loved ones.

"This win is a cushion for us and offers financial freedom. We are definitely going to continue to play as a group," they said.

ONTARIO 49 is $1 per play and the draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets are sold until 10:30 p.m. For more information, please visit the Lotteries section on olg.ca.

The winning ticket was purchased at Westdale Lottery Services on Dundas Street in Mississauga.

Left to right: Rupinder Soomal, Jennifer Bush, Dalbir Batth, Lidwin Ferrao, Aneeta D’Souza, Sophie Jones

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