Mississauga Receiving Significant Funding to Prevent Flooding


Well, this news couldn't come at a more appropriate time.

The City of Mississauga recently announced that the federal and provincial governments revealed that Mississauga will receive almost $10 million in combined funding under the Canada-Ontario Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) Agreement.

According to the city, projects approved through the CWWF include flood storage facilities that will mitigate flooding risks, sediment removal from stormwater management ponds to improve water quality, environmental assessments to address erosion control and protect stormwater infrastructure and construction of an underground stormwater management facility.

"On behalf of the City of Mississauga and Members of Council, we welcome today's city-building investment that will help us safeguard, improve and enhance our important stormwater infrastructure and readiness against flooding," Mayor Crombie said. "Working with our partners in the federal and provincial governments, we are investing in a clean, healthy and sustainable environment that will benefit people and neighbourhoods throughout our city."

The news from Mississauga follows close on the heels of a related annoucement from the Region of Peel. 

The Region recently announced that 30 new projects in Peel overall have been approved under the Government of Canada’s Clean Water and Waste Water Fund.

“Unfortunately, all too often this specific element of infrastructure investment - that we highlight today - receives attention when something goes wrong. However, that is not the case in this circumstance," said Frank Dale, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer for the Region of Peel.

According to Dale, the improvements will help "residents continue to benefit from efficient access to safe, clean and reliable drinking water.”

The CWWF program is a cost-share funding program that will see the federal government contribute up to 50 per cent of the eligible costs (approximately $6.6 million). The Ontario government will contribute up to 25 per cent of the eligible costs (approximately $3.3 million) and the City of Mississauga will contribute the remaining 25 per cent (approximately $3.3 million) to complete the 10 approved Mississauga projects.

"I am pleased Mississauga was successful in receiving funding for the 10 projects we submitted. The funding will help support the current work we are already doing to ensure our stormwater infrastructure remains in good repair," said Janice Baker, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. "Our stormwater infrastructure plays a critical role, now more than ever, as we continue to see changing weather events that put greater strains on it."

The Government of Canada is providing Ontario with over $569 million under CWWF which is designed to improve the safety and quality of water for Canadian families, while supporting a clean economy.

“This investment by the province--over $2,500,000 in Mississauga and over $34,000,000 in the greater Peel Region--will ensure that Mississauga has clean water and reduce risks of flooding. I am pleased that these projects will contribute to enhanced quality of life in Mississauga for years to come," said Dipika Damerla, Member of Provincial Parliament for Mississauga East - Cooksville.

A number of sewage pumping stations are being rehabilitated or replaced, as well as equipment at several water pollution control plants.

As part of the bilateral agreement with Ontario, the following 46 projects across Ontario have been approved for federal funding amounting to $76,367,276.

Table courtesy of Federal Government website

Notable Mississauga projects include new sanitary trunk sewers on Lakeshore Road West and on Cawthra Road, construction of the new Cooksville Creek Storage Facility near Eglinton Avenue and Kennedy Road, and construction of a new water main on Dundas Street West.

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