Mississauga Recalls of the Week - X Box One Controllers and More


Although most foods and products are safe, some edibles and items slip through the cracks and when they do, it's good to be aware so you can fix or avoid them.

Here's a list of products with recall notices.

PastaCo brand Bolognese Sauce

This sauce is being recalled as it may permit the growth of Clostridium botulinum, a dangerous bacteria that can make consumers sick with a variety of symptoms, even if the contaminated food does not look or smell spoiled. You are advised to throw this product out or return it to the store where it was purchased.

Rock Candles from Set in Stone and Rock on Rock Candles

The candles from both of these brands have been found not to meet the labelling and packaging requirements for consumer chemical products in Canada. Safety hazards may occur if the product is mishandled or accessed by children. 

Performance Designed Products brand Battery Chargers for Xbox One Controllers

These battery chargers can overheat and damage the video game controller, as well as pose a burn hazard to consumers. Consumers should immediately stop using this product and contact Performance Designed Products LLC to return the chargers for a full refund.

Atlantic Veal & Lamb brand boneless veal

This food product has been recalled due to the potential prescence of E. coli, which can make consumers very sick. You are advised to return this product or throw it out.

King’s Command Foods LLC brand beef steakettes

This product (fully cooked southern style breaded beef steakettes) may potentially contain pieces of metal, posing a serious choking hazard. Consumers should return the product or throw it out.

For more information on these and all current recalls, click here.

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