Mississauga Portuguese Chicken Joint Expands to Oakville


If you love Portuguese chicken, you might be happy to hear that a very popular Mississauga restaurant is now in Oakville.

With two joints in the city (as you already know), this marks the third location.

Mario's BBQ —a long-standing Portuguese chicken hotspot— is officially running its first O-Town spot.The owner of Mario's BBQ, Jimmy Ferreira, tells insauga.com the restaurant's new location at 519 Dundas St. W. is slated to hold its grand opening in August."We love Oakville because of the growth it’s going though at the moment," said Ferreira, adding "it is central to Milton and Burlington. Oakville has become and is becoming much more diverse. Everyone is very excited ..."The BBQ spot is in the Fortino's plaza at Neyagawa Blvd. (If you’ve never been, there’s amazing sandwiches at Just Braise, or vegan burgers, fries, pizza, etc. at Boon Burger).Here's what's in store: the menu is full of traditional Portuguese dishes such as grilled and rotisserie chicken, their famous Piri Piri hot sauce, ribs, fish fillets and more.

This is one type of cuisine that Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills really needs.

Operators will be announcing a grand opening.Call this yet another Sauga success story …Mario’s BBQ519 Dundas St. W., Oakville, Ontario
CORRECTION: Mario's has opened in Oakville. A grand opening will be held in August.

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