Mississauga Politician Rescinds Award for Community Leader Who Expressed Discriminatory Views


Published August 17, 2018 at 5:23 pm


A Mississauga Liberal MP had to backtrack and rescind a community service award she gave out after it was revealed that person led a protest last year which expressed anti-Semitic views.

Iqra Khalid, the first term MP for Mississauga-Erin Mills, issued this statement announcing her decision to take back the award from Amin El Maoued, the public relations chief of Palestine House, after an outcry from the Canadian Jewish community.

Here’s the video:

So what’s the problem?

Palestine House had their federal funding cut by the previous Conservative government in 2012, after a “pattern of support for extremism”.

In 2017 El Maoued led what was described as a “hate-filled” rally ladened with anti-Semitic slogans, including “Israel and Hitler are the same.”

Amin El Maoued with MP Iqra Khalid. Photo courtesy of Facebook

A petition launched by B’Nai Brith Canada called for the rescinding of the award by Khalid, who at that time had not responded to the request.

“I was not aware of some of Amin El Maoued’s past views, and only he can speak to them, but we all must stand against anti-Semitism and discrimination in all its forms,” Khalid said in her statement. “As a representative of the government especially I must condemn them, and rescind the volunteer certificate given to Amin El Maoued.”

Michael Mostyn, the CEO of B’Nai Brith Canada, issued this response via Twitter, adding that he was relieved that Khalid had apologized and taken the award back.

Khalid was previously best known for her role last year in bringing forward M-103, a private members’ motion to condemn Islamophobia and combat all forms of racism and religious discrimination.

But the debate over M-103 was dominated by fear and confusion, with some critics suggesting passage implies a possible acceptance of Sharia Law in Canada. The motion ultimately passed by a vote of 201-91.

I’m not sure if mainstream media has accused the Liberals of pandering to extremists, but it’s true that this is a black mark on her record.

But she’s controversial amongst a very specific type of voter, and with incidents like this that perception is not looking to change any time soon.

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