Mississauga Mayoral Candidate: Sheraz Siddiqui


During the mayoral campaign, insauga.com will sit down with all the candidates that come on our show.  

For the first time in over three decades, Mississauga is set to experience a truly unpredictable mayoral race. Hazel McCallion, who has been mayor since 1978, has decided to pass her long-held municipal torch onto someone else, and the race is just starting to heat up. We recently chatted with business owner and founder of Master Mine Media, Sheraz Siddiqui, about his first foray into politics and his ambitious plans for a mass transit system and a more technologically connected city.  

What prompted you to run for office? Have you ever been involved in politics before? 

I’m an average man who lives an every day life. I know how difficult it is to pay higher rent, property taxes and prices for every day products and then sit in a traffic jam just to get home for a few hours before the next day starts. 

Paying higher rent or [higher prices] for anything that is necessary for life means you may have to do two jobs while ignoring different things in your life.

Money doesn't buy happiness, but when you are stressed you are not happy. Money [causes] stress. 

No, I have never been involved in politics before. 

What’s your platform? 

My platform is simple. To make people happy, healthy and comfortable. 

What are the top three issues you’d want to address if you were elected mayor? Why are those issues most important to you? 

One is higher rents and property taxes. If the rent and property taxes are higher, people need to work more in order to pay for the bills. 

Two is traffic. It is also a problem that after a hard day of work, residents sit in traffic. They are not able to do regular things because of the traffic jam. 

I do not agree with the LRT at all for three reasons: 

a) It will destroy the beauty of the city. 

b) It will decrease the lanes on Hurontario 

c) It will stop life on Hurontario

What is possible other than the LRT? 

It will be HTT- Hurricane & Thunder Transit. 

HTT--Hurricane & Thunder Transit

Ministry of Circuit

This will run from Brampton to square one, while not touching the beauty of the city or removing any lights or trees, keeping old as gold. It will run again from Cooksville GO station to Port Credit GO Station. It will run on a suspension bridge and will have few stops. There will always be a transfer bus standing by in any direction. This bridge will have four tracks while keeping the Hurontario the same. HTT will work on magnetic power while saving on electricity forever while keeping the low fare so the commuter wont have to suffer and can be happy.

We will have four tracks of train and six tracks on Hurontario as they are. 

HTT--Future Plan

We will be installing a solar system on the bridge so we will create electricity to feed the Hurontario residential and business areas. 

HTT--Future Connect Plan

We will also run HTT on Hwy 403. We will be connecting the HTT all the way to Manitoulin Islands while covering the entire north. We will also connect HTT between Ontario and Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon territories.

What else would you do as mayor? 

Control prices for every day products. 

Prices are different everywhere. Going forward, I will make sure that if you go to north side of the city, if you go to south side of the city, if you go to east side of the city, if you go to west side of the city, you will find that prices are the same. Convenience doesn’t mean I should offer my whole paycheck to you.
What major challenges lay ahead for the city, and how would you address them as mayor? 

I would say all the above and employment. 

We will be adding three Ministries and starting five city-owned companies and a global job sector to deal with this situation and decrease the rate of unemployment to 0%. 

We will be adding three Ministries as follows.

1) Ministry of Network
2) Ministry of Robot
3) Ministry of Circuit

We will be closing down Ministry of Northern Development and Francophone.

Citizens from these areas will be joining us, as they are just people like us who speak French.

Siddiqui provided a rundown of his first proposed ministry

Ministry of Network

The city of Mississauga will be staring five different companies as follows. 

1) City Convenience Services

This service will deliver anything such as grocery items, fast food, and so on. The city residents will use this service on a daily basis in order to decrease traffic and save time for themselves.

The prices for the products will be the same as store prices.

We will also provide this service to different neighbourhoods while creating temporary employment for any resident of the city. You will have to use either a desktop or smartphone in order to place an order.

Your order will arrive to you with respect, honesty and love. I’m not sure about the phone orders yet; however there will be a customer services department to solve problems.

Using desktop or smartphone will create city revenue that will go towards future development. 

2) City Work Bus

I would require city residents to use pickup and drop-off service from work to home and home to work.

This department will create a route for every employee in order for proper transaction. The cost for this service will be $2 one way. While reducing the traffic for now, we are working for our future and creating jobs. 

3) City Buy & Sell Site

This service is free to use around the globe while generating revenues for the city. I would require residents to use this Buy and Sell app to sell and buy anything around the city and globe.

Prohibited items will not be sold and bought. Please do read privacy policies. 

4) City MD Reserved

This service is also free and will create revenues for the city while creating jobs. I would require every family doctor, pharmacist and city resident join us and use this service in order to work towards the future. This service can book, reschedule and cancel appointments for the patients and also let them refill their prescriptions.

This service can be use on desktop and smartphone. 

5) City Web Sector

It will be mandated to all the businesses and residents in the city to use this service in order to create jobs and earn revenue. This sector is about web development. For example, buying domains, hosting, and developing. By doing this you will make sure your information is secure in City of Mississauga Servers. And these services will be cheaper than anywhere in the world.
How would you set yourself apart from Hazel? 

As a citizen, I can't be apart from Mayor Hazel. 

But as far as a political point of view, I’m coming from a different country, where I lived a different life compared to Canadian life (my parents were middle class). 

Even living in Canada, I started as a general labourer and today I own a business with out any help from anyone. On a daily basis, when I see things that could make life easier for others, it makes me happy. And it is possible to make life happy, healthy and comfortable if we all work together. 

Without the living being there is no city. It is the living being that makes the city. 

To me, future is equal to present and past. Without past there is no present and without present and past there is no future. You cant forgot the past while living in the present and working for the future.

Sometimes in our life, we may have to make sacrifices to achieve something incredible.


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