Mississauga man sentenced to eight years in prison for human trafficking


A Mississauga man who was previously convicted of human trafficking has been sentenced today to serve eight years in prison.

In February 2017, police say 36 year old Francis Antoine recruited a 19 year old female from Ottawa to work in the sex trade under his direction.

“She was exploited in various hotels over a two week period between Ottawa and Mississauga,” police say.

Further investigation revealed Antoine had also recruited a 20 year old female from Sudbury in September 2015, who was  exploited in the sex trade over 5 months in various hotels and condominiums between Mississauga, Ottawa, and Toronto.

In March 2017, Antoine was arrested and charged with numerous human trafficking related offences.

Antoine was found guilty of the following charges on June 24, 2019:

  • Two counts of Human Trafficking
  • One count of Receiving a Material Benefit from Human Trafficking
  • Two counts of Exercise control over a person to provide sexual services for consideration

Today (January 31, 2020), Antoine was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Peel Police say they are committed to identifying and aiding all victims of human trafficking, as well as identifying, arresting and prosecuting those responsible.

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