Mississauga Man “Anton Thick Daddy” Pranked With Massive Amount of Junk Food


All of us (or at least most of us) expect to receive Amazon packages from time to time.

But not boxes upon boxes of unexpected junk food. 

On Tuesday, Aug. 27, 22-year-old University of Guelph student Antonio Jajou answered a knock at the door of his Mississauga home and was surprised to see an alarming amount of packages. 

I got a total of 100 boxes of snacks and just a variety of things,” he told insauga.com in an email. 

Jajou said that the night before, he received a text from a friend asking if he likes snacks. 

I didn’t make much of it until the packages actually arrived,” he said. 

The funniest part of the ordeal—which has actually benefited a number of people, as well as local Mississauga food bank, Eden Food for Change—was the name Jajou’s friend addressed the packages to.

What made me laugh the most was when the delivery guy asked me if I was ‘Anton Thick Daddy.’ That whole interaction made me laugh. But I know the guy who sent the packages is enjoying this the most.”

Initially, Jajou called on local GTA residents to take the Chips Ahoy cookies, Oreos, Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal off his hands, but has since stopped giving the snacks away because the items have found new (and deserving) homes. 

I’m no longer giving snacks away, mainly because I already gave half of them away and donated the rest to Eden Food for Change,” he says. 

As for how he felt when the boxes arrived, he said he had absolutely no idea they were coming and was caught completely off-guard. 

I was very shocked and confused, to be honest,” Jajou said, adding that he estimates his prankster friend sent about $700 worth of junk food to his house. 

What would you do with approximately $700 worth of snack food if it suddenly arrived at your door in Mississauga?

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