Mississauga locks sport courts after people refuse to follow social distancing orders


The City of Mississauga is removing basketball nets and locking up sport courts due to reported noncompliance with social/physical distancing measures. 

On March 27, the city announced that it's taking stricter measures to ensure people don't try to organize impromptu basketball games or congregate in outdoor spaces—something that public health officials have sternly advised residents not to do amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We need residents to comply [and] do what they’re asked by all levels of government during these times," the city wrote on Twitter. 

"Park amenities such as playgrounds, sport courts [and] leash-free zones are closed. Due to public non-compliance, we’ve removed basketball backboards." 

The city is advising residents to call 311 if they see people congregating.

The move to remove nets and lock courts comes days after the city announced it was officially closing/temporarily restricting the use of playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, sport courts, leash-free zones, picnic shelters, and skateboard parks.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie called the need to take more action "regrettable." 

"This is regrettable. Parks staff have been forced to remove nets and lock courts because people aren't respecting closures," she wrote on Twitter. 

"We also have received multiple reports of vandalism. We’re doing this in the best interests of your health. Please, help us help you by staying at home!"

Photo courtesy of the City of Mississauga

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