Mississauga grocery store to offer temperature checks to customers


One busy grocery store chain says that effective April 20, it will offer non-invasive temperature checks to customers who wish to enter the store. 

Today, T&T, a Loblaws-owned brand that operates a location at 715 Central Pkwy W. in Mississauga, said that all stores will offer customers the opportunity to have their temperature checked before entering a store.

This is voluntary and customers who do not want their temperature checked can refuse and still enter the store to shop. 

Staff members, on the other hand, will all submit to temperature checks.

The device used to take temperatures is non-invasive and held away from the body. 

"As we all know fever is the most common symptoms for COVID-19, in order to protect our customers and staffs, we will be providing temperature check service starting on April 20," T&T wrote on its official Facebook page.

"Please stay home if you have a fever. Thank you for your understanding." 

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