Mississauga Give Uber One Week to Shut Down Or Else


Published May 19, 2016 at 2:59 am


Uber has shown no intention of complying with the city’s ban, but it looks like council isn’t just going to roll over and take it. 

The city has given Uber a deadline of next Wednesday, May 25 – exactly one week from now – to stop operating in Mississauga, according to a recent Mississauga News article

Debates have risen over Uber’s response to the ban, in which Uber general manager Ian Black requested an earlier deadline for the pilot program’s recommendations. 

Mayor Bonnie Crombie believes this response to be a sign of cooperation. “I think it’s positive progress that they’re engaging with us,” she said. 

Coun. Carolyn Parrish is of the opposite opinion, saying “it looks like they’re telling us to stuff it.” 

It wouldn’t be the first time the two disagreed with each other – Crombie wants to create a level playing field between taxis and Uber, while Parrish simply wants Uber permanently banned from operating in Mississauga. 

There have also been debates regarding when the ban was to be in effect. 

While Parrish argued that Uber was to cease operations on May 11 when the motion was passed, Crombie argued to let the company keep operating until a committee was formed to determine how transportation network carriers would be regulated. 

Said committee is to include taxi drivers, Uber, council members and a citizen representative. While the City has already appointed the latter two, Uber and the taxi industry have not yet put forth recommendations. 

“There are over 100,000 riders and 5,000 drivers in Mississauga that rely on Uber and ridesharing each and every day,” Insauga heard from Susie Heath, spokesperson for Uber Canada. 

“We are hopeful that Mississauga decides to follow the lead of Toronto, Edmonton and Ottawa by passing smart regulations that embrace ridesharing.” 

While it’s still unclear how the city will respond if Uber continues not to comply, we can probably expect council to start cracking down and enforcing the ban. 

Council will reconvene again next Wednesday to continue the ongoing discussion on ridesharing.

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