Mississauga fire hydrants will be painted a different colour this summer


Published June 29, 2022 at 9:34 am

Fire hydrants in Mississauga may appear white or grey this summer but it’s not permanent.

This week, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services announced hydrant painting is underway in the city.

The painting starts in the Erindale area, weather permitting.

“The hydrants are first painted with a primer (so it may look white or grey) and then they are painted with the original colour,” Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services Chief Deryn Rizzi said in a tweet.

Peel Region maintains more than 25,000 fire hydrants in Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon.

The hydrants contains a reflective marker in one of four colours: blue (5,700 litres/minute water capacity), green (3,800-5,699), orange (1,900-3,799) or red (less than 1,900 litres/minute).

The reflective markers provide “crucial water capacity information,” Mississauga Assistant Fire Chief Stephane Malo said last summer when someone painted a fire hydrant red with a white maple leaf.

The artistic effort could have proved dangerous, the fire department reminded folks not to paint hydrants.

“It certainly could be a barrier (to firefighters) making progress when they arrive on scene,” said Malo. “So, that’s not something we want people to mess with. Any piece of safety equipment is not something people should be playing with.”

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