Mississauga doing more to attempt to control rat populations in the city


Published May 18, 2021 at 2:42 pm


Nobody wants rats in or even near their homes, so the City of Mississauga is working to control rat populations near construction sites in the city. 

The Applewood Hills and Heights Resident Association took the matter of increased rat sightings to the City of Mississauga this spring, demanding the City do something about what the association considered a “significant” problem.

Peel Region had already taken steps to ensure rodents didn’t infiltrate any of their construction projects, beginning with the installation of outdoor bait traps for projects in Wards 1,3, 9 and 11 last June. The Region has also started to implement pest control measures for all of their water and wastewater construction projects.

Applewood Hills residents now believe it’s time for the City of Mississauga to step up.

The City’s response was the Construction Pest Control Program, which was delivered to Council March 18.

A joint effort of Corporate Services, Community Services and Transportation and Works, the Construction Pest Control Checklist will see staff review all construction projects to determine which ones require pest control measures.

Pest control measures are recommended for medium and large construction projects adjacent to homes and businesses. These projects generally involve removal, installation, and/or rehabilitation of storm sewers, underground site servicing, major excavation, tree and shrub removal, and clearing and grubbing of dense vegetation.

The measures are not recommended for small projects (generally involving re-development of surface amenities and footing structures such as playground structures, shade structures, concrete pads, pathways/walkways, and tennis courts) or projects located within the road allowance that do not include new underground construction, such as asphalt resurfacing, road repairs, concrete sidewalk, curb installation/repairs, multi-use trail installation/repairs, intersection improvements, and bridge rehabilitation/repairs.

Implementation of pest control measures beyond construction timelines was not recommended in the report, as the impact of bait stations over extended periods of time will have a direct impact on other natural wildlife and on pets. The optimal time for the installation of bait stations is three to four weeks before construction begins.

The Facilities & Property Management Division has already been incorporating pest control measures as part of their building construction and renovation projects. No additional pest control measures are recommended for these projects.

The cost associated with the pest control measures will not exceed $10,000 per construction site.

The program was approved by council.

Last fall the Region of Peel announced that regional council approved a 12-month pest control subsidy program and pest-related study. The pilot program will provide a 50 per cent rebate of the incurred costs for professional pest control services to a maximum of $200 per year. Residents in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon are eligible and those who are interested will have to submit invoices from licensed pest control vendors.

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