Mississauga Date Combos: Bowling & Chinese

Published April 14, 2016 at 8:40 pm


Dating today can be tricky. There seem to be ever evolving rules of etiquette when it comes to online dating and meeting people through apps. We’re sometimes treading the fine line between flirty texting and inappropriate er, how should I put this… unsolicited MMSing? If you’ve successfully avoided the catfishers and “Felipes” on Tinder and Match, or were lucky enough to meet someone irl who was disarmingly normal and charming, this series hopes to provide you with some ideas on how to get to know this new person of interest while having some fun in the city at the same time.

Suitable for: first date
Neighbourhood: Dixie 

Brunswick Zone Mississauga Bowl

Step 1: Bowling. Brunswick Zone has themed nights throughout the week, including “Monday Mayhem,” and the suggestive “Late Night No Limits” on Wednesdays.  Cosmic Bowl on weekend evenings can help set the mood – if blacklighting and glowing in the dark turn you on – but mostly, it’s fun and gives you a chance to let loose and be silly. What better way to relax with someone new than to compare how neon your teeth are?! Not to mention bowling before dinner allows first-daters to work up an appetite and encourages a friendly wager on who pays for the appies later. You’ll also already have a shared experience to talk about over dinner and can gloss over the small talk.

Best Friend Chinese Restaurant

Step 2: Wine and Dine. Located in the Mississauga Chinese Centre and conveniently around the corner from Brunswick Zone is Best Friend Chinese Restaurant. The miniscule distance between locations allows you to continue your date seamlessly.

Best Friend offers Chinese and Thai fare and has a casual atmosphere with simple decor. If there is ever a lull in conversation or you’ve run out of bowling-related things to talk about, you can admire and discuss the pig themed art work on the restaurant’s walls. Better still, you can be adventurous together and start off with an appetizer of deep fried intestine. Bond over how you got through it together and that at the end of the day, it really wasn’t as scary as it sounded (and let’s be honest — everything is better deep fried).

The sizzling spicy chicken with dried vermicelli is mild but still has enough spice to elicit a physiological response. You see, chilli peppers mimic feelings of arousal by increasing your heart rate and giving you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people enjoy their dates. Try pairing the spicy chicken with the stir-fried green beans with crispy garlic. The garlic will help to get the blood flow goin’ and with that, the chillis and the love in the air, you’ll be on such a natural high by the end of the night it’ll be like you’ve just spent the evening with your best friend (sorry).

Stay tuned for more ideas for the Perfect Date inSauga.
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  1. Brunswick Mississauga Bowl
  2. Best Friend Chinese Restaurant
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