Mississauga Cracking Down on Ugly Yards


Published December 6, 2017 at 9:43 pm


So many of us have been there. We’ve spent time on our yards, showering them with love in the form of regular mowing and exquisite gardening–only to feel saddened when our gorgeous lawns are overshadowed by the overgrown, weed-infested yards of our neighbours (or at least this happens to you if you’re the real life version of Hank Hill).

The City of Mississauga feels your pain and is going to help.

The city recently announced that staff has come forward with recommended actions that will “enhance the city’s property standards.”

In layman’s terms, the city is coming for overgrown “nuisance” yards.

The proposed amendments to Mississauga’s Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control bylaw will:

• Decrease the maximum permitted height of tall grass from 30 centimetres to 20 centimetres;
• Reduce the time required to resolve tall grass and nuisance weed complaints from 10 to seven days; and
• Update the list of 12 noxious weeds to 25.

“The recommended changes to the by-law will strengthen our control over grass height and nuisance weeds,” said Sam Rogers, Director of Enforcement, Transportation and Works. “The amendments will also ensure the City’s regulatory standards are consistent with other municipalities and help contribute to a safe and healthy environment.”

Back in June, Council asked staff to review the maximum grass height of 30 centimetres and the time typically required to resolve nuisance weed and tall grass complaints.

Staff also reviewed the nuisance weed and tall grass standards for Brampton, Caledon, Oakville and Toronto. Now, the city says that the proposed amendments will ensure Mississauga remains consistent with other municipalities.

And while the tall grass can be unsightly, the city also added that weeds and unkempt grass can contribute to allergic reactions or health problems, disrupt ecological systems and pose a risk to fire and community safety by impairing visual sightlines.

The recommendations will go to Council for approval on December 13.

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