Mississauga Could Have Brutal Winter Weather in February

Published January 25, 2018 at 3:54 am


Don’t put those shovels away just yet — we might have had a mild week or two, but winter might be coming back with a vengeance for Mississauga very soon!

According to The Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham, we could be in for a stormy February.

“There are increasing signs that the Arctic air will spread into the Great Lakes faster than originally expected, potentially for Groundhog Day on February 2,” Gillham says. 

That’s right, the pesky Arctic air that plagued us about a month ago is expected to make a grand return for the beginning of February. 

Gillham says that the contrast between the frigid Prairies and the warmth in the southeast could enhance winter storm conditions.

In fact, Gillham compares what’s expected in February and into March to the kind of weather we had in late December and early January. 

February could be a “memorable month for winter weather, especially from the Great Lakes to Atlantic Canada.”

We still have temperatures in the positives to look forward to this weekend, so take advantage and go outside before real Candian winter weather strikes again. 

Stay warm!

Photo courtesy of @gualdjouma

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