Mississauga, Brampton cops want to ensure people know when to use 911


Published October 31, 2022 at 12:21 pm

Peel Regional Police non-emergency calls to 911 October/November 2023

Peel Regional Police are reminding Mississauga and Brampton residents to call the 911 emergency line only for real emergencies.

Year after year, police brass say the 911 line is tied up much too often by people calling in to report situations that are not emergencies.

That wastes the valuable time of police, firefighters and paramedics, Region of Peel officials and police say.

“Reminder: 905-453-3311 is our non-emergency number,” Peel cops posted to social media today (Oct. 31). “Please program this in your phone so you have it on hand. This is the proper number to call most of the time. 911 is for emergencies only.”

A report released earlier this year shows that nearly 40 per cent of all Mississauga and Brampton calls to 911 in 2021 were not due to an emergency.

“This means that valuable time and resources were lost due to accidental calls and non-emergencies,” Region of Peel officials said in April as they announced 911 Awareness Week.


To ensure 911 services are used for emergencies only, police officials remind residents to avoid non-emergency calls to 911 by:

  • only calling 911 when someone needs immediate help from paramedics, police or fire: that means someone’s health or property is in immediate danger
  • calling 311, 211 or non-emergency phone numbers for access to non-emergency help
  • locking your cell phone and not programing 911 into your phone
  • teaching your children how to recognize an emergency and how use 911 correctly

People should call 911 in the following situations:

  • attack/assault has taken or is taking place
  • gunshots heard
  • fire
  • medical emergencies
  • crime in progress (fights, break-and-enters, for example)
  • serious crime has just occurred (sexual assault, robberies, for example)
  • suspicious activity (prowler, vandals, for example)

People should call police at 905-453-3311 in the following situations:

  • noise complaints
  • reporting a crime with a delay (theft that occurred previous night, for example)
  • reporting a crime with no suspect (theft of license plate, for example)
  • ongoing crime issue (drug deal with no suspect on scene, for example)

Region officials and police say that when calling 911 for a legitimate emergency, callers should stay on the phone with the 911 communicator to make sure they have the information they need to send emergency services to the correct location.

Meanwhile, callers who dial 911 accidentally should not panic. 

“Stay on the phone so the communicator knows you’re okay. If you hang up, the communicator will call you back and may send emergency services to your location,” officials said earlier. 

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