Mississauga animal services rescues baby beaver separated from his family


Published June 3, 2022 at 8:20 pm

Animal Services found his little runaway separated from his family in Mississauga.

A Mississauga wildlife rescue will have an unusual guest for the next little while after the discovery of a lone baby beaver in the city.

The little one was found separated from his family, the most important element in a beaver’s live. In the wild a mated pair beavers live in constructed lodges with their babies and the previous year’s babies.

Beavers mate in January and February with a gestation period of about three months. This would put the little fella found in Mississauga around three or four months old.

The family or colony bonds together closely through mutual grooming and play fighting. The mother most often births a litter of up to four and provides most of a baby beaver’s early care while dad patrols their territory.

The mother beaver maintains the lode, cleaning up bedding for the little ones and bringing them food. The babies (kits) nurse for up to three months, but can eat solid food after about a week.

Beaver kits eventually make their way out of the lodge to explore, but usually stick with an adult often by clinging to their tails. After about a year, the kits will begin to build up dams and lodges as well. Usually by the time their first winter ends the beavers make their way out to build a lodge of their own around age two.

The young one found in Mississauga much younger. Though Animal Services did not given a reason he was separated or where he was found, it is unusual for them to wonder so far at such a young age.

Mississauga’s errant beaver is going to stay at a local wildlife rehabilitation centre until he’s old enough to go off on his own, though again Animal Services did not specify where.

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