Mississauga and Brampton continue to have highest COVID-19 rates by far in Ontario

Published April 17, 2021 at 4:02 am


For the fourth week in a row, Peel Region (Brampton, Mississauga, and Caledon) has the highest COVID-19 percent positivity rate out of all of Ontario’s public health units.

Toronto-based research group ICES ranked all 34 public health units in Ontario for the week of April 4 to 10 based on their percent positivity (percentage of positive tests in the area).

Peel currently tops the list at 16.07%, more than four percentage points higher than the second highest (Toronto at 12.00%).

Ontario overall is listed fifth at 8.26%.

The top 15 public health units are listed above

Peel’s percentage again rose sharply from the previous week, where it reported 11.96%.

ICES says percent positivity reflects both the number of COVID-19 cases diagnosed and the number of people who were tested, and the numbers may fluctuate based on these factors.

The same data for the week shows that of the 50 areas in Ontario with the highest COVID-19 percent positivity, three are in Mississauga and nine are in Brampton.

Peel, alongside other regions, continues to see a steady rise in incidence of COVID-19 cases among most groups of school-aged children (elementary to secondary) and steady increases among young adults aged 18-22 years (a group including undergraduate university/college students as well as many individuals in the public-facing workforce).

The full data is available to read here.

Data courtesy of ICES

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