Mississauga allows restaurants to keep patios open through winter


Published November 11, 2020 at 10:46 pm


It looks like patio season will be extending into the colder weather.

Mississauga City Council has amended the Temporary Use By-law to allow restaurants, and food and drink vendors to continue to use their temporary patios until December 31, 2021.

Additionally, as part of the extension, these businesses have also been permitted to install temporary tents/covered areas and heating devices as part of their patios, in accordance with provincial and City regulations, to allow outdoor dining through the winter.

“This is a vital step to help our restaurants get through the next year,” Mayor Bonnie Crombie said in a news release.

“We know what a devastating impact COVID-19 has had on all our restaurants and small businesses. By permitting businesses to continue to operate their temporary outdoor patios, and allowing temporary outdoor tents and heating devices, restaurants can continue to serve customers through all types of weather while also adhering to all COVID-19 health and safety protocols,” she continued.

Further, a restaurant with a temporary patio on public land can submit a request to extend their permit, while establishments looking to install a new, temporary patio on public land can still apply for a permit.

Moreover, restaurants that wish to install a temporary tent or covered area, and/or a heating device on their temporary patio on public land will require written permission from the City.

“We have a dedicated team who are working directly with restaurant owners to help them understand the steps they need to take if they want to install a temporary outdoor patio, extend their existing permit or put in a temporary tent, covering or heating device,” Andrew Whittemore, commissioner for Planning and Building, said in the same release.

“This is an important initiative, and our team is working hard to ensure all applications are reviewed and processed in a timely manner,” he continued.

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