Mississauga #7 and Brampton #18 on list of highest rent in Canada


Published May 20, 2022 at 5:10 pm

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While monthly rent continues to climb in Mississauga and for the most part in Brampton as well, people in those cities still aren’t paying as much as renters in other large communities across Canada.

That’s according to the May 2022 figures from Bullpen Research and Consulting and Rentals.ca, which place Mississauga renters of one- and two-bedroom units seventh on the list of most expensive rent paid in Canadian cities, while Brampton checked in at 18th on the list.

On average last month, Mississaugans paid $1,817/month for a one-bedroom unit (up slightly from last month and up 5.27 per cent from last year) and $2,211/month for a two-bedroom apartment/house (up slightly from March and up 7.64 per cent from last year).

In Brampton, those numbers are $1,570/month for a one-bedroom (up three per cent from March and down 3.38 per cent from 2021) and $1,906 monthly for a two-bedroom (up 1.71 per cent from last month and up 4.9 per cent from last year).

Vancouver sits atop the latest list ($2,334 for a one-bedroom and $3,324 for a two-bedroom) while Toronto is second ($2,065 and $2,849) and Burlington third ($2,017 and $2,261).

Oakville ($2,010 and $2,333) checks in at fourth, Etobicoke fifth ($1,897 and $2,446) and Burnaby, BC sixth ($1,883 and $2,563).

Mississauga is seventh and then rounding out the top 10 there’s Guelph at No. 8 ($1,811 and $2,179), Victoria, BC at No. 9 ($1,776 and $2,736) and Barrie at No. 10 ($1,771 and $2,084).

Overall, according to the report, average rent for all Canadian properties listed on Rentals.ca in April of this year was $1,821/month. That represents an increase of nine per cent from the same period last year.

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