Milton’s Cultural Plan reveals town needs more ways of communicating and programming


Published February 17, 2021 at 12:06 pm

While Milton is moving towards the modern era of apps and websites, there are still rural people in town being left out.

The findings were discovered in Phase 2 of Milton’s Cultural Plan, which included discussions back in November of 2020 with 63 participants in four working groups and more than 40 members of the public that were engaged in a Facebook Live public session the Town hosted.

The goals in the second of three phases were to share background research to date, including trends, cultural asset mapping and engagement findings.

Another goal was to review the working definition of culture and provide feedback using creative methods, as well as develop a shared understanding of vision and guiding principles.

Emerging from future scenario activities was talk of intergrading digital technologies.

While better utilizing digital platforms such as apps, websites and virtual experiences is important to reach diverse Milton residents, there are still many people, especially in more rural areas, who have limited access and other ways of communicating and programming are still needed.

The group found that in order to create stronger neighbourhood and local connections, online and digital accessibility was key in both positive and negative scenarios.

They talked of informal networks like Facebook groups and Instagram accounts as a safeguard for people to participate in Milton’s culture.

The is the Town’s first Culture Plan, which will help it provide direction in investment in culture across Milton.

These drafts will be presented for feedback in to all the working groups and the public, along with the summary of Phase 2 engagements and further research.

All the feedback and information will be used to work towards a final Cultural Plan, which is expected to be ready later this year.

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