Mexican Restaurant Opens First Mississauga Location


If you have a constant and unyielding hankering for flavourful Mexican food (and really, who doesn't?), then you are in luck.

A brand new Mexican joint recently opened its doors in Mississauga.

Mumma's Burritos, a popular restaurant that operates locations in Brampton, Oakville and Windsor, just opened its first Mississauga location.

Located at Derry & Mclaughlin, resto operators have called the new joint its "most ambitious restaurant yet."

"The menu will transport you to the land of salsa and serene beaches. Every bite travels through your taste buds invigorating multiple senses," the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page.

As far as the menu goes, diners can enjoy a plethora of burritos, including fiery chicken, chicken, beef, vegetable, soy, cheesy crunchy and sweet chilly burritos. The resto also offers quesadillas, chips and salsa, nachos, tacos and more.

The brand also offers a few signature dishes, including Mumma's vigitos, Mumma's Mexican soup and Mumma's Mexican pizza.

Dessert lovers can also enjoy cookes, lava cake and, of course, churros.

The resto officially opened its doors earlier this month.

7070 St. Barbara Blvd., Mississauga Unit 64
Mississauga, Ontario

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