Mayoral hopeful Nikki Kaur campaign sign misspells “Brampton”


Published October 2, 2022 at 12:35 pm

A campaign sign posted on the front lawn of a home in support of Nikki Kaur as the next mayor of Brampton has not correctly spelled the city’s name.

A recent photo circulating online shows that the campaign sign reads “The change Bramton needs”, missing the “p” in Brampton altogether.

Some residents say signs on their lawn are spelled correctly, sparking speculation about mayoral opposition Patrick Brown’s involvement in the misspelled sign.

But, a spokesperson for Nikki Kaur said that a small batch of about 100 signs were misprinted and distributed.

Kaur is running against Brown, Bob Singh, Vidya Sagar Gautam, Tony Moracci, and Prabh Kaur Mand in the electoral race to be Brampton’s next mayor.

Brampton voters will go to the polls to choose the next term of council on Oct. 24.

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