Mastermind Toys launches new, first-ever spring catalog


Mastermind Toys has released its 2021 Spring Play Guide titled “A Fresh Start."

The guide--the first in the company's 37-year history--is a curated list of the most family-friendly toys for parents who want their children to maximize the fresh air and the space they have available.

The theme of the guide will be utilizing space efficiently--whether that's the family driveway or a local, public park.

The guide will also feature innovative takes on classic toys such as swings and obstacle courses. It will also include some exclusive toys, including the puddle-ready Splash Speedster Land & Water R/C Stunt Car, the Slackers Ninjalines, and the Creativity for Kids Terrarium.

“The changing of seasons brings excitement and hope--longer days, warmer weather, and new beginnings. At Mastermind Toys, we deeply believe that play is kids’ work, and after a winter of remote learning and virtual play dates, outdoor exploration is more important than ever for Canadian kids, parents, grandparents and educators.” Sarah Jordan, CEO of Mastermind Toys, said in a news release.

“As Canada’s Authority on Play, we know that with a little imagination, sidewalk chalk can turn a driveway into an artistic masterpiece, a scooter can ignite a sense of freedom, and swings can make a kid feel like they can fly. We are thrilled to offer a world-class selection of outdoor accessories for families looking to play away every moment of the season," she continued.

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