Many Canadians concerned about returning to their office


Published August 7, 2020 at 12:51 am


If you’re concerned about returning to the office as more businesses are permitted to reopen, you’re not alone.

A recent poll found that many Canadians are worried about being asked to return to their workplaces due to the pandemic.

The poll, conducted by KPMG, found that 54 per cent of respondents are concerned about returning to work due to how contagious COVID-19 is, while 60 per cent said they will refuse to return to work if they believe it’s not safe.

However, 82 per cent of respondents said they trust their employer to ake and maintain all the necessary health and safety precautions.

“Our poll findings clearly show that Canadians are placing a great deal of trust in their employers to manage their return to the workplace and in keeping them safe,” Doron Melnick, partner and acting lead of KPMG’s people and change advisory services practice, said in a news release.

“The pandemic is forcing every employer in the country to adopt comprehensive protocols and safety measures, and to look at new ways of staying connected to their employees,” he continued.

Additionally, 94 per cent of respondents believe the pandemic is far from over, and 83 per cent are worried about contracting the virus or transmitting it to their loved ones.

Further, providing the overall number of cases remain low, 72 per cent of respondents said they would be comfortable returning to work, although they believe there will be a second wave of infections in the fall or winter that will shut down workplaces all over again.

Moreover, 64 per cent of respondents said they would feel more comfortable about returning to work if their employer committed to keeping them updated in real-time regarding the level of health risk at their office, as well as provided resources to foster their health and well-being.

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