Many Brampton Residents Don’t Want the Peel Region to Split Apart

Published May 6, 2019 at 6:47 am

The ongoing talks of the Peel Region splitting continue.

The ongoing talks of the Peel Region splitting continue.

In a recent council meeting held Saturday, May 4, residents were able to attend and voice their own opinions on whether or not splitting the Peel Region is a good decision.

Despite the open invitation to the public, only around 30 people attended the meeting. However many residents online were able to post comments or ask questions regarding the split.

The majority of Brampton residents say they are still hoping that Mississauga does not split from the region. This is a similar response to the telephone town hall that was held on April 24. Roughly 5000 Brampton residents called in. Two-thirds of the callers wanted to keep the region as is.

Residents voices concerns on how Brampton would hande Mississauga splitting from Peel. One of the major concerns included the cost the split would have on Brampton, both financially on residents and economically on the city itself.

Aside from residents wanting things to stay the same, some are in favour of the cities of the Peel Region combining into a single, larger city.

Residents can still voice their opinions on what should happen to the Peel Region online until May 13 at

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