Many Black-owned businesses deemed ineligible for government aid


A coalition of Black-owned businesses is urging the Provincial and Federal Governments for support.

The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) has asked the Federal Government for $165 million to support Black-owned businesses according to a release from CBCC President Andria Barrett.

Additionally, according to the release, an estimated 70 per cent of Black-owned businesses have not been eligible to receive any form of government aid.

"Like all communities, the impacts of COVID-19 has had devastating impacts on our community. Anti-Black racism has also had devastating impacts on us as Black people and Black business owners," Barrett said.

"Our survey indicates that there a great number of businesses that have fallen through the gap and do not qualify for the government programs announced," Barrett continued.

Further, Barrett is urging Black business owners to reach out to local politicians and continue pushing for assistance which many businesses require due to the pandemic.

"Black people have contributed to this country for over 400 years and now we want a fighting chance to be included in the pandemic recovery plans," Barrett said.

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