Malton, that Crazy & Wild Uncle of Mississauga


Most people know Malton for the airport however, there is much more than meets the eye. There actually is a lot to do around the old "home of the Avro Arrow" than just going to the airport before hitting up an all-inclusive in Cuba. 

Now, I am not here to go into the rich history of the area, nor the fact that the Jon Diefenbaker essentially put this part of town into perma-recession, I want to hit you up with what's happening now in Malton. 

Whenever I travel into Malton I hit up this classic spot, Zet's restaurant. This is my favorite diners insauga (there I said it, Malton is Mississauga) and has the absolutely best Greek/greasy spoon cuisine I have every eaten. The portions are massive; the food is fresh, cooked to order in front of you in a cafeteria style.

They have an all-day breakfast and terrific steaks, souvlaki and burgers which attracts an eclectic mix of customer depending on the time of the day. Show up during normal business hours and its airport employee's, pilots, and families. Show up late night and you get a mix of party goers, plane spotters and local riff raff, and this is a good thing as the TV's inside the joint typically only show CP24 or a documentary on surviving bear attacks.

Another staple of Malton is Asian Wok and Roll. This den of spicy Hakka food is absolutely delicious and is the first place I have every tried Hakka Chinese food and it is still one of my favorites. For those that are unfamiliar with Hakka Chinese, it is essentially hot and spicy Chinese food that South Asian's tend to crave and I am full on addicted to it.  Whenever I go, I get either Hakka fried rice, Manchurian Shrimp, Lollipop chick or crispy beef.  Take-away and the lunch specials are extremely popular here, so be prepared for a little bit of, but I assure you, it's well worth it.

Here it is, my favorite Indian joint in Malton, Sweet India. This place has the most amazing Naan and butter chicken I have ever tasted.  Located in close proximity to a Sikh private school and Gurudwara's (Sikh Temple) in the area, sweet India has gained a rather large following even though much of the Indian population has shifted North West to Brampton. 

Besides, eating delicious food until your guts feel like they are going to explode there is another well documented hobby which takes place in Malton (no its not burning skids in one of the two, count them TWO trailer parks Malton has to offer) it is plane spotting.

For those of you unfamiliar with plane spotting this is essentially what you are in for.

Countless massive jets soaring just over your head as they land. There are several spots in which people take in this hobby, just head south on Airport road from Derry and you will spot people lined up watching these massive airliners fly in close enough you feel like you can jump up and grab them. For a special treat head over when the Emirates A380 superjumbo is landing.

You know, it's funny; everyone has that crazy and somewhat wild uncle.  In fact when I was young my uncle Guy would show up at our family Christmas get together, he would show up loaded and inevitably by the end of the evening he was passed out in a pile of coats. He was a little bit different then everyone else in the family, but we loved him none the less.  I think that the people of Mississauga should embrace the uniqueness of its own Uncle Guy, Malton. 


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