Major Food Delivery Service Lowers Fees in Mississauga


If you're too tired to cook and just don't feel like going out, you might be happy to hear that a major food delivery service is lowering some fees.

UberEats, which has been serving Brampton since 2016, recently announced that users will pay less when they order from nearby restaurants.

"When you order from restaurants closer to you, you’ll see more affordable options. You can also filter by delivery fee, making it easier to find the right restaurant at the right price point for you," UberEats wrote in an email to customers. 

The food delivery service also said it's eliminating "surprises," as upfront delivery fees that customers are well aware of ahead of time will take the guesswork out of people's bills. 

UberEats also reminded people that they don't have to order a certain amount of food to qualify for delivery. 

"As always, order as much or as little as you like--whether you crave a full meal or just a light snack," the email said. 

So if you're ordering from a resto that's just around the corner, expect to pay a little less.

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