Major Development Moves Forward in Mississauga


Published September 9, 2016 at 3:33 pm


If you’re interested in new facilities in Mississauga, it might please you to know that a proposed mixed-use development project might start to take shape in the Lakeshore and Dixie area soon.

You can actually see the entire report on the project here.

Lago Terrace Developments Inc. submitted an application to the city a few years ago to build a mixed-use development about three to 10 stories in height that would contain 336 apartment units, four townhouse units facing St. James Avenue, two live/work units and 13 commercial units facing Lakeshore and Dixie. They also promised to protect natural features associated with Applewood Creek.

You can see a rendering below:

The property that would house the development is located in the Lakeview Neighbourhood Character Area, a residential district that’s currently dominated by detached homes. The area is opposite the Small Arms Inspection Building and is currently the site of an empty former Sheridan Ford car dealership.

In terms of concerns, the usual ones apply. Residents are, naturally, worried about traffic and parking (Mississauga is always worried about traffic and parking). As far as infrastructure goes, a private condominium road internal to the site has been proposed with access onto St. James Ave. and Dixie. The majority of parking will be in an underground garage.

People are also concerned about aesthetic, but ideally the development will increase rather than decrease the area’s attractiveness.

While things are moving forward, the report notes that, “there are engineering matters including: grading, servicing and stormwater management which will require the applicant to enter into agreements with the City. Prior to any development proceeding on-site, the City will require the submission and review of an application for site plan approval.”

The city will also receive the expected development charges.

We’ll keep you posted on further developments. 

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