Looking for Pride-Themed Alcohol Bottles?


Whether or not you’re a fan of vodka, you must admit this bottle is cool!

Absolut Vodka has brought back its acclaimed limited edition Absolut Mix bottle, designed to celebrate diversity and acceptance, for Pride month.

The label features colourful, overlapping, semi-transparent triangles, that, according to Absolut Vodka, symbolize the connection that is created when diverse individuals mix together.

"Absolut believes in creating unique experiences that support self-expression through art and creativity," says Vanessa Clarke, Senior Brand Manager, Corby Spirit and Wine. "Absolut Mix represents the idea of bringing different minds together, creating a world where people are free to be true to themselves without judgement or prejudice."

The vodka company says they have supported the LGBTQ community since 1981.

Additionally, the company is bringing back their dazzled Absolut Unicorns for Pride weekend in Toronto in collaboration with local artists Diana Lynne VanderMeulen and Sarah Cannon.

Be sure to take a selfie if you see them from June 23-25!

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