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Published June 2, 2022 at 8:07 pm

This article will be updated as the vote tally comes in. Check back often to stay up to date.

Update: Little has changed for Hamilton’s representation in Queen’s Park after today’s election. Three of the city’s four seats kept their NDP incumbents of Leader Andrea Horwath (Hamilton Centre) in a landslide win, finance critic Sandy Shaw (Hamilton West) and backbencher Monique Taylor (Hamilton Mountain).

Meanwhile Hamilton East turned blue, putting PC Neil Lumsden Queen’s Park chair. Incumbent Paul Miller was an NDP member, but was ousted from the party amid allegations of bullying staff, racist and homophobic behavior and membership in an Islamophobic Facebook group. Miller rejects these claims and has sued the NDP and Horwath.

Miller ran again, this time as an independent, but was soundly trounced coming in fourth place with six per cent of the vote. Winner Lumsden dominated the race with more than a third of all votes.

Original story follows:

Hamilton’s representation in Queen’s Park is expected to look a little different tomorrow. The city’s four seats, including NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s, are hotly contested by more than six major parties.

In addition to the long running stalwarts of Green, Liberals, NDP and Progressive Conservatives, two newer far-right parties have joined the fray, the Ontario Party and the New Blue Party.

Polling in the Hammer indicates a close race in Hamilton West – Ancaster – Dundas and in Hamilton East – Stoney Creek. Polling aggregate 338Canada listed both as toss-ups.

Meanwhile the NDP are expected to hold Hamilton Mountain and Horwath’s Hamilton Centre. However with a seeming blue wave imminent it remains to be seen if she’ll keep her seat at the head of the NDP table.

BREAKING: Insauga has called the election for Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives.

Hamilton Centre

Update 11:05 – At least one opposition part leader will keep a seat in Queen’s Park. While Steven Del Duca failed to regain his seat in Vaughan, the NDP now-former leader Andrea Horwath will maintain her seat, if not her leadership.

  1. Andrea Horwath (NDP) — Incumbent – WINNER – 10,538 votes, 56.6 per cent
  2. Sarah Bokhari (Progressive Conservatives) – 3,211 votes, 17.2 per cent
  3. Ekaterini Dimakis (Liberals) – 2,322 votes, 12.5 per cent
  4. Sandy Crawley (Green Party) – 1,648 votes, 8.8 per cent
  5. John Chroust (New Blue Ontario) – 321 votes, 1.8 per cent
  6. Brad Peace (Ontario Party) – 331 votes, 1.7 per cent
  7. Nigel Cheriyan (Communists) – 152 votes, .8 per cent
  8. Nathalie Xian Yi Yan (Independant) – 105 votes, .6 per cent

Hamilton East – Stoney Creek

Update 9:42 – PC candidate Neil Lumsden will take the seat from incumbent Paul Miller. He’s received to 34 per cent of the vote so far. His NDP rival Zaigham Butt remains at 27 per cent. Meanwhile Miller, running as an Independant has fallen to fourth place with six per cent.

  1. Neil Lumsden (Progressive Conservatives) – WINNER 8,320 votes, 35.3 per cent
  2. Zaigham Butt (NDP) – 6,517 votes, 27.7 per cent
  3. Jason Farr (Liberals) – 4,873 votes, 20.7 per cent
  4. Paul Miller (Independent) — Incumbent – 1,417 votes, 6 per cent
  5. Cassie Wylie (Green Party) – 1,166 votes, 5 per cent
  6. Domenic DiLuca (Ontario Party) – 768 votes, 3.2 per cent
  7. Jeff Raulino (New Blue Ontario) – 466 votes, 2 per cent
  8. Cameron Rajewski (Electoral Reform Party), – 56 votes, .2 per cent

Hamilton Mountain

Update 9:27  – Monique Taylor will remain Hamilton Mountain MPP. Taylor has so far received more than 10,400 votes with 46 per cent of the vote share.

  1. Monique Taylor (NDP) — Incumbent – WINNER – 13,931 votes, 44.9 per cent
  2. Michael Spadafora (Progressive Conservatives) – 9,353 votes, 30.1 per cent
  3. Chantale Lachance (Liberals) – 4,833 votes, 15.6 per cent
  4. Janet Errygers (Green Party) – 1,764 votes, 5.6 per cent
  5. Baylee Nguyen (New Blue Ontario) – 693 votes, 2.2 per cent
  6. Andy Busa (Ontario Party) – 534 votes, 1.7 per cent

Hamilton West – Ancaster – Dundas

Update 10:10 – NDP incumbent and finance critic Sandy Shaw retains her seat with 10,255, or 42 per cent the vote so far.

  1. Sandy Shaw (NDP) — Incumbent – WINNER – 10,301 votes, 42.6 per cent
  2. Fred Bennink (Progressive Conservatives) – 7,747 votes, 32 per cent
  3. Shubha Sandill (Liberals) – 3,931 votes, 16.3 per cent
  4. Syam Chandra (Green Party) – 1,378 votes, 5.7 per cent
  5. Lee Weiss (New Blue Ontario) – 538 votes, 2.2 per cent
  6. Frank Thiessen (Ontario Party) – 295 votes, 1.2 per cent
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