Lincoln Mayor explains masking in a group photo to curious constituent


Published August 11, 2021 at 2:47 pm


When Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton posed with a group outdoors, holding an oversized novelty cheque from her Mayor’s 2021 Charity Golf Tournament, it inadvertently became a statement on COVID-19 safety protocols after a constituent asked a question.

On August 9, Easton posted a picture of herself and nine other people on Twitter holding up a cheque. She noted that the tournament, held in partnership with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Niagara Community Foundation, had raised a total of $41,929 and that of the amount, $13,464 would be going directly to local charities in Lincoln.

The photo led to a question from a curious constituent.

“This is great,” said the man. “Side note, I’m confused. You’re all outside so why the masks? Other local mayors post pics standing like this at things outside with no masks on. So masks, required or not?”

Easton answered simply, “We agreed we would mask. That was our comfort level.”

Indeed, while all were masked, they were still in close quarters so the entire group could get into the photo.

Medical officials have been telling people recently that even if they’re double-vaxxed, it’s wisest to still follow the tenets of safety – mask up, social distancing if possible and, of course, wash your hands.

Niagara Region’s Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Mustafa Hirji soon saw Easton’s post, the constituents comment and double-downed on Easton’s sentiments.

Retweeting it, Hirji said, “Great role modeling, Mayor. Since you weren’t two metres apart while outside, wearing masks was still the best choice, even though you can forgo masks if everyone was fully vaccinated.”

And with a nod to continued cases due to the Delta variant, he added, “With cases on the rise again, let’s remain cautious where we can.”

(Photo courtesy of Sandra Easton Twitter)

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