Lincoln brewery announces purchase of Niagara Cider Company


Published March 29, 2023 at 4:12 pm

In a surprise announcement today (March 29), Lincoln’s Bench Brewing posted it has purchased Niagara Cider Company.

While Bench has brought the cidery under its wing, it’s unknown whether Niagara Cider will move its production out of the massive 40,000-square-foot industrial building that also houses Blackburn Brew House in Niagara Falls at 8001 Blackburn Pkwy.

Regardless of future operations, today’s announcement on Bench’s social media came out of the blue.

“As of today, March 29, 2023, Bench Brewing Company is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Niagara Cider Company!” the announcement said.

“We are so excited to bring together the talents and expertise of both craft companies to produce high-quality, locally crafted beer and cider in Bench’s sustainable brewing facility here in the Town of Lincoln,” it continued.

“With this partnership, Bench is also happy to welcome the co-founders of Niagara Cider Company, Matt Dixon and Rich Houghton to the Bench team. They will both remain actively involved in the business, bringing their cider expertise and commitment to innovation and quality while ensuring we grow the strong Niagara Cider brand together,” Bench added.

This means Bench will have a variety of Niagara’s ciders pouring in their taproom. “Plus, our newly renovated Hop Shop will showcase a fridge full of Niagara Cider Company’s ciders, and a selection of Niagara Cider merch!”

The photo attached to today’s announcement on Bench Brewing’s Facebook page.
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