Limited Edition NHL Cups Coming to Tim Hortons


Here’s some exciting news if you’ve got a young hockey fan at home who loves Timmies.

Tim Hortons announced on Wednesday that it’s introducing reusable, collectible NHL cups with each of its Timmies Minis packs (the Tim Hortons equivalent of a happy meal).

Each Timmies Minis pack will come with one of seven cups, each featuring the official NHL mascot of a Canadian team:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs - Carlton
  • Edmonton Oilers - Hunter
  • Calgary Flames - Harvey the Hound  
  • Vancouver Canucks - Fin
  • Ottawa Senators - Spartacat
  • Montreal Canadiens - Youppi!
  • Winnipeg Jets - Moose

Photo via Tim Hortons

The cups are available now for a limited time.

“At Tim Hortons, hockey has always been a part of our DNA. We’re happy to be able to give our youngest guests a fun way to show their support for their favourite teams and a great way for families to give back to their community,” said Tim Hortons president Alex Macedo.

The Timmies Minis packs themselves will also be NHL-themed.

10 cents from every purchase goes towards the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, which organizes camping trips for kids from low-income families.

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Will you try to collect all the cups?

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