One of Mississauga’s most promising young artists is seeking help connecting with medical assistance after reportedly experiencing serious and mysterious health issues that have gone unresolved for
The promise is the same during almost every contentious U.S. election."If Bush/McCain/Obama/Romney/Clinton/Trump wins, I'm moving to Canada!"
We've always known we have a lot of brilliant and talented students in Mississauga, and now it looks like another one of our very own residents is walking away with a prestigious medal.
Friends are rallying around a beloved and active member of the Port Credit community and restaurant scene who was seriously injured in a tragic accident in Costa Rica.
Although Mississauga is full of people and organizations that seek to make a positive change in the community, not everyone is using their youth and poetic talent to unpack and discuss such pressin
This coming Saturday, seven accomplished individuals who hail from Mississauga will be inducted into Legends Row, a relatively new but prestigious ceremony and award that honors the contributions o
Congratulations go out to a student who won a massive scholarship for new undergrads headed into their first year of university for a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) degree!
The W Network recently announced the new Bachelor Canada - he’s a retired Major League Baseball pitcher, a Mississaugan, and a total hunk!
While Canada 150 celebrations have typically focused on the more joyful aspects of the country's past, present and future, passionate advocates have also worked to make this year an important one for discussing a darker part of Canada's history—its treatment of its indigenous population.
A few months ago it was announced that as part of Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations, Mississauga's Culture Department was putting together an exhibit honouring Hazel McCallion's long political career entitled "Do Your Homework." The exhibit was unveiled this past we