It’s almost time to get rebellious.The City of Mississauga is hosting Rebel17 from May 1 to 7.
Canadian-born music chain Sunrise Records is making good on its promise to start expanding into vacant HMV spaces and recently announced that it's going to set up shop in Square One.
If you're a big blues lover -- or just excited that Port Credit is about to experience the much-anticipated annual festival that's exclusive to Mississauga -- you are in luck!
Junia-T is back with a new video for his latest single “My, My, My,” featuring Briskinthehouse. Directed by MWorks, the raw visual focuses on the dynamic between music and art.
John River.  That's a name you will likely be seeing and hearing more of over the next couple of years.
A rock duo from Toronto called Death From Above 1979 released a track called “Trainwreck 1979” in 2014 that got massive radio play and the cool thing is it di
This Saturday, six accomplished groups and individuals who hail from Mississauga will be inducted into Legend's Row, a relatively new but prestigious ceremony and award that honors the contribution
If you read any "you know you're 25 when..." list on Buzzfeed (or maybe even Vice), you learn two things:
Canadians tend to get excited about homegrown talent and for good reason: it's hard out there for any artist, let alone one from a suburb far from the musical meccas that are many major American ci
For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 140 characters: My sound is developing and still growing. I’m happy with the heights it’s reached currently but I think it’s just really coming into its own.