Fans of Marvel movies (and superhero movies in general) should be pleased to hear that a Mississauga-raised actor will be starring in an upcoming Marvel film.
If you love movies and warm weather, we have very good news for you! 
There's nothing better than a nice summer day where you have no plans besides doing whatever it is you want to do. And let's face it, that's what summer is all about...relaxing.
While not everyone is into reality TV, even the staunchest critic can admit that he or she is sometimes captivated by an engaging cooking or home renovation show.
If you love film festivals and foreign cinema, you should note that one of the largest Italian film festivals - outside of Italy - is coming to Toronto very soon.
Think you have to wait for TIFF to see a film festival?Think again!
If you’re a fan of the Netflix series Stranger Things, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Coca-Cola is introducing a new coke to immerse viewers in the show’s experience.
There is a film festival happening in Mississauga and Brampton this week!
It hasn't been long since Disney announced that it will be launching a new streaming
If you’re into texting or messaging at all, then there’s no doubt you use emojis on a regular basis.