Who doesn't love a good Christmas movie? Well, besides the Grinch maybe.For those who do enjoy a nice holiday film, Cineplex is screening some classics this season in select theatres.
As far as Halloween goes, we all appreciate a good scare. Fear gives us a much appreciated adrenaline rush now and then that some of us need to get our energy up.
If you have been an avid follower of the new provincial government under Ontario Premier Doug Ford, you’ve either been riveted and impressed or shocked and horrified so far as to what he has done.<
Halloween, one of the few days a year where you can eat sweets to your heart's content and no one can judge you.
Still looking to make plans for Halloween?It looks like the city can help.
You might be too old to go trick or treating, but you're never too old to enjoy Halloween-related celebrations on chilly (and spooky) October nights in Mississauga.
Recently, Tim Hortons unveiled the Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich.
If you’re looking for an affordable round trip to the land of the rising sun, then Air Canada may just have what you’re looking for.
Do you love comic books and graphic novels?If you do, you might be happy to hear that the Mississauga Comic Expo (MCX) is returning to the city today (Oct. 19) and running until Oct. 20.
Everyone knows that Mississauga residents have a great deal of talent, but not everyone knows that one particular designer has been recognized for creating a pretty amazing dress out of a very unex