A well-known clothing store in Mississauga will soon be shutting down.
If you went to Square One in Mississauga to get some shopping done over the weekend, you might have noticed that the shopping centre was a little more crowded than usual.
Everyone knows that malls and shopping centres tend to be a little quieter after the holidays, but that doesn't mean that unique events aren't happening at some choice retail hotspots.
The holiday season is officially here, and believe it or not, you only have about two weeks to shop for all your loved ones.
Sometimes, something positive can come out of something profoundly tragic—and that positive thing can bring not just a family, but perhaps an entire community, together.
If you're a lover of designer handbags, there's some recent news that may interest you.Some big changes are coming to Michael Kors, the global fashion luxury group.
Travel and fashion are a perfect match with almost half of all global travelers agreeing that looking their best while on vacation is important (48%).
Although shopping has probably been top of mind for you since the holidays kicked off, there's one pretty exciting store you can't shop at in our neck of the woods just yet.
Shoppers prepare and everyone else beware - Black Friday is this Friday, November 24, 2017! 
Shoppers who love scoring incredible brand name clothes, shoes, and accessories for less (way less—up to 80 per cent off) are in luck—Styledemocracy’s annual Nordstrom Warehouse Sale is slated to take over Mississauga’s International Centre in April.